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Candidate for Mayor Jake Brummer Exits Race, Throws Support Behind Amara

Brummer says Amara is the right choice for city, will serve as a campaign ambassador 

Cedar Rapids, IA – Days after announcing her plan to join the race for mayor, Amara Andrews  has landed the support of an opponent. Small business owner Jake Brummer, who was one of  the first candidates to enter the race for mayor, said his campaign focused on the ordinary  Cedar Rapidian, but now believes Amara Andrews has what it takes to carry that message and  win. 

“I decided to run because ordinary working-class people in this town need a voice,” Brummer  said. “When Amara entered the race, I listened to her speech and realized she could be that  champion and had already built the kind of campaign infrastructure needed to go the distance.” 

Brummer has agreed to serve as a campaign ambassador, bringing Amara’s message of new  opportunity and new leadership to working class people around the city, but especially in areas  that have traditionally been underserved. 

“We are thrilled to have Jake’s support,” Andrews said. “Our message has been well received  throughout the community and we’ve landed some significant endorsements, but having the  support of another person who was running for the same office is huge.” 

The coalition of support for the Andrews campaign continues to grow with recent declarations  of support from prominent local labor leaders, small-business owners, educators, and leaders in  the faith community.  

“We know this will be an uphill battle, but we’re encouraged,” Andrews said. “I’m a newcomer  to the political arena. I’m not in with the establishment political networks, and while some  would think that’s a disadvantage, the people of Cedar Rapids seem to be responding well.  They finally have someone that will represent their interests.”  

The Andrews campaign is being advised by Hasoni Pratts, a top lieutenant to former candidate  for president and current Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, and veteran political  operatives Norm Sterzenbach of GPS Impact and Jessica Vanden Berg of Maverick Strategy. She  has received the endorsements of State Senator Rob Hogg, State Representative Liz Bennett,  and Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague among others. 

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