Amara Andrews at podium

Mayoral candidate Amara Andrews promises new opportunity, leadership for Cedar Rapids in campaign kickoff

Amara Andrews said she would bring new leadership and new opportunity to improve Cedar Rapids if elected the city’s next mayor.

She officially launched her mayoral campaign Thursday night at an event at NewBo City Market, with more than 100 people in attendance.

Andrews — who is the head of business development and communications for the transportation division of TrueNorth Companies and a leader of the Advocates for Social Justice — said her campaign is built on three pillars: recovery, economy, and community.

“As the only progressive candidate currently running for mayor, I will bring a new vision to local government,” she said. “I will be an advocate for labor unions, I will be an advocate for equal opportunity, and I will be an advocate for working people.”

During her speech, Andrews said the local government’s response in Cedar Rapids to problems of the last year, including the pandemic and derecho, has been “inadequate at best.”

“We’ve grown accustomed to disappointment, to petty bickering, and to bureaucracy, which is not what you want from any government, let alone the government of the second-largest city in Iowa. I believe it’s high time for change,” she said.

If elected, Andrews would be Cedar Rapids’ first African-American mayor and would also be the second female African-American mayor in Iowa, according to her campaign.

Andrews is one of four people who have announced their intentions to run for Cedar Rapids mayor in the Nov. 2 election.

Article originally posted by KCRG. 


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