Amara Andrews at rally

Political newcomer Amara Andrews kicks off Cedar Rapids mayoral campaign with rally

Political newcomer Amara Andrews made her first public appearance as a Cedar Rapids mayoral candidate, Thursday.

Amara Andrews officially joined the field of candidates running in an announcement, Tuesday.

The California native is going on a decade in Cedar Rapids. Andrews told Iowa’s News Now her experience living across the country is what sets her apart.

If elected, Andrews would become the first African American mayor in Cedar Rapids.

“My intention is to represent all people,” Andrews said. “I was a school teacher in the inner city in California. I have practiced law. I’ve helped entrepreneurs start companies. I lived in small towns. I’ve lived in big cities. Rather than seeing it as a negative, I think it’s a positive–where I bring a perspective that other people don’t have.”

Andrews is known as a business leader at TrueNorth Companies and a member of the Cedar Rapids activist group, Advocates for Social Justice.

Andrews priorities are recovering from the pandemic, flood protection, the economy and social justice.

“If you look at the recovery, for example, from the flood, and from derecho, and from the pandemic, we could do a lot better,” she said. “We can be much more responsive, and rather than be responsive, how bout we be proactive.”

So far, state Senator Rob Hogg, state Representative Liz Bennett and chairman of the Linn County Democrats, Bret Niles are endorsing Andrews.

Article originally posted by CBS 2 Iowa.

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