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Amara Andrews Posts Impressive Fundraising Haul

Early fundraising numbers signal growing strength for political newcomer.

Today the Amara Andrews campaign announced it has raised over $50,000 signaling a strong showing of support for the political newcomer who announced her candidacy for office in late March. 

“We are encouraged by these early numbers,” says campaign manager Sarah Halbrook. “We know this race will be an uphill battle which is why our internal fundraising goals are ambitious. If we’re going to have a shot at winning to give the people of Cedar Rapids an opportunity at new leadership, we need to have the funds to compete.” 

The campaign has received contributions from donors in all four quadrants of the city and across the entire country. Over two thirds of the contributions have come from donors giving $100 or less. 

“I think what this demonstrates is that our campaign has broad appeal, and that the people of Cedar Rapids are eager for a change in leadership,” said Amara Andrews. “The fact that people across the country are taking an interest in our race underscores the importance of having diverse perspectives in public office.” 

The campaign’s fundraising strategy includes reaching out to donors over e-mail and social media platforms as well as hosting small in-person events to allow supporters to learn more about Amara’s candidacy and vision for Cedar Rapids. As an insurgent candidate competing against an incumbent and a well-known media personality, the campaign anticipates using the majority of the funds to build a state-of-the-art field program designed to reach thousands of voters. 

Andrews played an instrumental role developing a community service organization that mobilized thousands of individuals over the summer to advocate for equity issues and provide critical resources to vulnerable residents in need. It is expected that many of these volunteers will form the core of her field operation, which will significantly expand the electorate and deliver a win for her campaign. 

Originally from California, Amara has lived and worked in Cedar Rapids with her family for nearly ten years. Amara is currently the head of business development and communications for the transportation division of TrueNorth Companies in Cedar Rapids. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, Amara went on to receive a law degree from the UCLA School of Law. Amara is passionate about community and believes Cedar Rapids is a place where all people can thrive. 


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