Amara andrews at economic forum

Amara Andrews’ Statement on American Rescue Plan Funding

I’m glad to see Mayor Hart made a statement about his ideas on how to use American Rescue Plan funding. The human and economic devastation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic was incredibly severe, which is why I released my plan for funding use 44 days ago.

While Mayor Hart is quoted as saying that “the money will go toward replacing revenue the city lost last year…” Cedar Rapidians know that these critical taxpayer dollars should be prioritized for people and families in need. We are fast approaching a housing crisis in our community, several small businesses have closed their doors, and many non-profit organizations tasked with helping those in need have not received adequate funding. It’s just not right.

All of this has been compounded by the summer derecho that wreaked havoc on our community.

Cedar Rapidians deserve a mayor who understands these needs and will use the American Rescue Plan funding to help them.

Learn more about Amara Andrews’ plan for American Rescue Plan funding here.

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