Provisional ballots adds to Amara Andrews’ slim 2nd place lead in mayor race

Tiffany O’Donnell and Amara Andrews are still in first and second place in the race to become Cedar Rapids’ next mayor after provisional ballots were counted Thursday.

Andrews’ slim 24-vote lead grew to 40 votes over Mayor Brad Hart. The top two vote getters advance to a runoff on November 30.

Provisional ballots are described as ballots used by voters whose qualifications to vote have been challenged, voters who can’t prove they are qualified to vote, and voters who requested absentee ballots but did not surrender them at the polls. After election day, those ballots are reviewed and determined if it can be counted or not. For more on provisional ballots and other election questions, click here.

In the most updated count, O’Donnell has 11,023 votes (Increase of 32), Andrews has 7,359 (Increase of 27), Hart has 7,319 (Increase of 11), and Myra Colby Bradwell received 412 votes (Increase of 1).

Hart is not requesting a recount.

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